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Our communication and public relations solutions align with the business objectives of those who entrust us with their reputation.​

Crisis Prevention and Containment

  • We have a turnkey model for crisis communication management, where we train key personnel of organizations.

  • When a crisis explodes in a company, we are ready to collaborate with them, the priority is to have the control of the communication and contain the damages in their reputation.

Corporate Communication

  • We build compelling narratives to spread them strategically among defined audiences.

Training of Spokespersons

  • We train corporate executives in the strategic management of communication techniques in order to attend the press, issue articulated messages and solid arguments.

Media Relations

  • We establish a close relationship with the press in order to establish a link with organizations, the main motivator being information of public interest.

Internal Communication

  • We ensure that the communication is a two-way process, clear and that it reinforces the sense of belonging of the employees – they are the main ambassadors of the company.

Customer Communication

  • We build the appropriate tone and communication aimed at the clients of our business partners, identifying and using the appropriate channels for this purpose.

Launch of Products and Services

  • Every launch requires a strategy, communication, coordination and logistics, all that is found in CEF&RP.

Content Generators

  • We have a team of specialized editors in different fields, which guarantees the development of high-impact editorial and informational materials.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Metadata in the digital ecosystem is analyzed to gain insights about the audience, messages and conversations for better reputation management.



  • We produce sound narratives that we transfer and manage on podcast platforms so that they are available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, among others. Through this growth channel, brands can share content specific to their actions, products or services.

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